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12 October 2020 @ 06:27 pm

well just pimping some sites where you can buy some of your arashi doses!!!

you can get some arashi goodies from play-asia

a good choice for people living in asia , because shipping is free , otherwise , you have to pay for shipping ... like me
but good because i pay with money bookers ( so when the rates are low i pay less hehehe)

or as a last choice , but stil good service yesasia!!!  well everyone knows this site , only inconvenience , you need a visa card or a paypal account.... 

every purchase here helps me with my arashititis!!!!! thanks for looking :p
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23 January 2019 @ 08:56 pm
had nothing to post about... so why not make a sum up of all the jdrama i've seen( and finished) in the past 6 years...

now how should i classify them,
maybe by years???

well here it goes...

From 2011

2011Collapse )

From 2010
2010Collapse )
From 2009
2009Collapse )
From 2008
2008Collapse )
From 2007
2007Collapse )
From 2006
2006Collapse )
From 2005
2005Collapse )
others i don't know the year...( almost all johnnys related  :D)
mostly johnnys related :3Collapse )The totalCollapse )
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20 October 2014 @ 03:47 am
just so you know this LJ is not dead!

I still use it, it's just that I prefer to use other medium now : instagram and I opened a wordpress blog as well.

You can find beauty reviews on it :

Do visit me there if you like korean beauty products reviews :)
28 November 2013 @ 11:25 pm
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I have not posted anything in ages....

welll if you still are interested I'm on instagram..."baekyeol92" is the name...

I don't want to leave LJ it's just i don't have that much time to post anything... where did my youth go :x

see ya later
13 July 2013 @ 03:35 pm
i'm back from my summer holidays!

really tired and sad to be back to real life : my holidays really felt like a dream end to finish.

Some of the highlights :

i saw EXO three times!!!

i got into simply kpop and show champion!

Met other fans and got to fangirl live

got lost but always found a way home

got to experience a different way of life

did not have a worry in the world and just go to do whatever :p

I will post more details, just so i have a record of what I did and saw.

Watch this space !
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10 June 2013 @ 01:20 am
hello all....

time passes so fast.. and with that I'm done with my Japanese class : 3 years of "learning" this great language.

I just need to practice it and study a bit more and hopefully I won't need any more subtitles...

I won't have anymore language classes, what should I take on next?

Also super excited because I'l going to travel soon to South Korea... I blame etihad for having this special offer.

I bought my tickets back in Jan because I found namsan guesthouse : has anyone visited Seoul?

Do you guys have any pointers for me?

What I do hope to do is to go shopping (of course) and go see a music show.

Crossing my fingers there will be a arirang simply kpop show I can go to ... and that I can see some of my derpy groups :)

From what I found on the net, it looks like show champion is also easy to get it.

If anyone has any fanaccount how they got in, I would love to read them!!!!

I'm leaving soon but I still don't have a concrete plan... need to take time and organize myself... stressing out but in a good way.

I actually can't concentrate at work as well, just thinking "a few more days and I'll be there"....

It'll be an adventure for sure as this is the first time i go to a country where I don't have any relatives!!!! It'll just be me and my lil sisters!!!!

holidays holidays holidays ^c^
27 March 2013 @ 11:39 pm
hey all,

I still use asian beauty products for my skin as it suits me best.

Here's my haul for this year from Gmarket.

This order was placed at the beginning of the month.

It took a week to get to Belgium and stayed at customer for a week as well as they wanted me to pay some taxes ( 54€ this time...)

If  you're from Belgium this is delivered by taxipost, but if you're unavailable when they deliver you can get it at the closest post office.

Let's start the picspam!!!!

Gmarket summaryCollapse )
Now let's look at the items one by one!!!

Etude house haul

Etude house productsCollapse )

my clio and peripera order

clio and periperaCollapse )

my secret kiss order

secretkissCollapse )

my holikaholika order

holikaholikaCollapse )

my lioele order

lioeleCollapse )

got these from another store since etude didn't have these when I placed my order

last box. TT__TTCollapse )

And that was my haul!

Hope you enjoyed it!

08 December 2012 @ 11:53 pm
uwaaa i didn't post at least once a month...

but i don't want my lj to die yet :)

December = pretty much me throwing away my money. I keep on buying things online because it's pretty.

I'm a bit sick too, this week was the first time this year i took a sick year... can you imagine not being sick for almost one year!

Anyway back to watching my dramas!

hope your december is going well and that you all in good health!
08 October 2012 @ 09:36 pm
Yes yes yes yesasia has opened up more extra preodering slots for POPCORN!!!!!!!!

I preordered my copy!!!!

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07 October 2012 @ 06:59 pm
hey guys,

my lj is still alive... i just haven't had time to post anything... since i'm always on my instagram :p

just hate the fact that i couldn't preorder my arashi albumin time.. by the time i found out the LE was already sold out on cdjapan AND yesasia TT__TT i do hope yesasia will have a second round of preordering ***crosses fingers***

were you guys able to preorder it in time???

i'm just so out of it these days... I saw arashi's performance on music station and just realized I never heard akashi before?

Where is this song from?!? god work is exhausting... i can't keep up with them anymore....

auw i was not able to post at least once every month, like my new year resolution :(

I'll try now :)

see ya!

p.s. : i watched we got married and that show is really funny! i like the sunhwa and kwanghee couple the best! joon's wife is just too.... i don't like her ...
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